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Notice: During the winter months this class will be held indoors.

Boot Camp is our outdoor fitness program packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight to fit into those jeans in the back of your closet, shed the extra pounds from a pregnancy, improve your health and fitness level, reverse disease processes, lower or rid yourself of medications, or just get fit for yourself and your loved ones, this IS the program for you!

If you have a hectic lifestyle and/or spend most of your day enclosed in an office or car, our outdoor boot camp classes offer a natural source of rejuvenation. Exercising in the open air invigorates your body and calms your mind.

What if I'm not very physically fit? NOBODY will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Nor will anybody go home unchallenged! Ages 14 or above, all sizes, all fitness levels, and all abilities are welcome to participate. Each day will slightly increase in intensity. All exercises can be safely modified if needed. You will inspire and be inspired by others.

What types of exercises are included in the program?
Core conditioning, functional training, cardio training (including short distance running, jumping rope, etc), military training techniques, calisthenics, circuit training, pilates, sport yoga, TRX, kettle bells, battling ropes, resistance training, obstacle courses, sports drills, games, and more...all designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals FAST!

Required equipment: Clients are responsible for bringing their own exercise mats and dumbbells for each class.

Minimum Age Requirement: 14 years

Relaxation, core strength and recovery are as important to a body as a high-intensity workout. By using foam rollers to perform self-massage and core strengthening, participants can release muscle tension to increase flexibility, address posture and spinal alignment issues, and identify spots where muscle restrictions may lend themselves to potential injuries. Posture and body awareness is improved immediately. This is amazingly effective venue for deconditioned populations and avid exercisers. The results are immediate, sweatless and amazing! Fit a Foam Rolling session into your schedule 1-2 times a week. You'll be so glad you did!

Minimum Age Requirement: 14 years

At Carolina Family Fitness you don't see rows of cardio equipment, like you do at most gyms. We use a much more effective (and a lot more fun) way to do "cardio." Our metabolic group sessions are our version of a cardio workout. They burn calories, get your metabolism revving and give you the cardiovascular benefits you are looking for. In the research, interval cardio training has been shown to be the most effective for fat loss. We've taken it up a notch and incorporated exercises in multiple planes of motion, using all kinds of equipment such as TRXs, kettle bells, battling ropes, sandbags, medicine balls, and much more into an interval-style workout. You'll have a blast and you'll torch fat! In addition to your 1-3 Total Body/Strength workouts, add a Metabolic group session in 1-3 times/week.

Minimum Age Requirement: 14 years

Total Body group sessions are structured to take the place of a full body strength workout. These types of workouts are our #1 priority to burn calories and build lean muscle to boost your metabolism for the long term. These group sessions are in sets of exercises for specific repetitions. You'll use weights that are challenging for the set repetitions. Everyone goes at their own pace, but each week push yourself to lift a little more than you did the week before. You will experience classes of 30 minutes in duration to classes 60 minutes in duration that will include Kettle Bells, Sand Bags, Dumb Bells, Body Weight exercises and much more! If you are one of our "Elite" members, you should be doing your individualized strength program specifically with a coach. Your strength program was designed specifically for you by our program design team in place of a Total Body group session. Total Body group sessions were designed to give our "Basic" members the benefits of a full body strength program. Workout with a coach during a customized Elite session or take a Total Body group session 1-3 times a week.

Minimum Age Requirement: 14 years

The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

The TRX Suspension Trainer delivers a fast, effective total-body workout. Helps build a rock-solid core. Increases muscular endurance. Benefits people of all fitness levels (pro athletes to seniors). Can be set-up anywhere (gym, home, hotel or outside).

By utilizing your own bodyweight, the TRX Suspension Trainer provides greater performance and functionality than large exercise machines costing thousands of dollars.

Required equipment: Clients are responsible for bringing their own exercise mats for each class.

Minimum Age Requirement: 12 years