• Special Notice: Beginning January 2014: Carolina Family Fitness has been chosen to pilot an exciting, new, 5-year medically researched fitness program for ages 3 years and up!
  • If you have a child who is currently active in a specific sport or sports, if they are demonstrating athletic gifts in this/these sports(s), and if they are interested in more specific athletic training/conditioning/guidance to even greater athletic ability, then please consider our “Elite” youth membership option which includes unlimited youth group classes AND unlimited customized semi-personal training sessions.

As physical educators we have a responsibility to the nation and to each and every child to do everything possible to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. It is our highest order to lead through example, provide abundant and safe movement experiences, and to educate today’s youth on nutrition, fitness principles, and how important movement is for a really fun, long and healthy life.

If you were one of the best athletes in school, you may not have ever been challenged to contemplate fitness/athletics from the perspective of the less-skilled players. If you were one of the less-skilled players, you know how it feels to be the first one out, the last one chosen, or to be laughed at and ridiculed. Carolina Family Fitness provides a safe environment (physically and emotionally) in which students feel free to move, explore, and play freely. Our youth members feel safe to explore movement with confidence.

Before our youth group coaching programs are approved by our Program Director, our Youth Fitness Training Specialists must ask the following questions:

  • Is the activity intimidating or embarrassing for any of the youth members? Many games in youth fitness programming favor and reward the strong, athletic players, while humiliating the less-skilled or less fit players. A quality youth fitness program will help each member to feel and to be successful.
  • Are any of the youth group fitness members having to wait in line for a turn? All of Carolina Family Fitness youth fitness members need to be engaged in activity – not waiting in long lines.
  • Are youth members being eliminated during physical fitness games and therefore asked to sit outside of the activity? Physical fitness games where the “last one standing wins” reward the athletic, while depriving and humiliating the less athletic. Who needs that particular movement experience the most? (The players who get eliminated first – so they get less play time and less opportunity to play.) At Carolina Family Fitness, our Youth Fitness Training Specialists are trained to recognize varying movement patterns in individuals within a group setting to ensure the more athletic and the less athletic (for this very short moment in time) are both challenged to progress and succeed based on their current abilities.

Carolina Family Fitness’ youth group coaching programs include the traditional sports units, including basketball, baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, and track and field – then goes beyond to provide non-tradition fitness units as well. We begin with programs containing less competitive activities to establish the principles of good sportsmanship and to create an emotionally and physically safe environment. This will allow students who are less confident, less skilled, and less fit to realize that they are not going to be embarrassed or ridiculed. This environment will not happen naturally – it must be taught and revisited frequently. Once all students have experienced the fun and the success associated with this new approach and environment, they will feel more confident when getting into the more traditional sports activities.

Carolina Family Fitness provides an exceptional quality program that includes health and wellness; nutrition and fitness; acceptance and respect for self and others; conflict resolution; sportsmanship, integrity, and honesty. Our youth group fitness classes include all aspects of movement, speed, accuracy, understanding, social and personal responsibility. We focus on the whole experience – not just skill development, but strategy, fitness, and respect for our teammates.

By moving vigorously and participating in a variety of activities, our youth will become better movers – meeting all standards for improved skill development. If players are interacting through cooperative games, sports activities, or even movement drills, they are learning to work together and improve personal and social behavior. If they are having FUN, they will embrace movement, fitness and health for a lifetime!

Carolina Family Fitness is a private health club where the entire family embraces a healthy, fit, and athletic future together in a safe, clean, continually challenging and fun environment.

Our mission: To provide extraordinary results in an extraordinary environment.


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